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Universidad de Cantabria - Engineering Exchange

Application Information

Programs maintain their own application systems and databases. In some (but not all) cases, students may need to apply to a program directly prior to receiving Cornell approval, however, ability to participate on the program remains contingent upon receiving approval from the Office of Global Learning and your School/College at Cornell. The Office of Global Learning will provide any necessary "home school" approval or nomination only after completion and approval of your Cornell application.

  • Please indicate if this program is your first choice or back-up.: In the majority of cases, you should only apply to one program. If you are concerned about your admission into your preferred program your Education Abroad Advisor can help you determine if a back-up option is appropriate.

  • What is your intended major?

  • Do you have a second major or a minor?

  • What is your second major or minor?

  • Are you Pre-health, Pre-law, or Pre-vet?

  • List the primary subject(s) you intend to pursue while abroad.: Depending on your host program, this may be a specific subject, track, degree, or list of subject areas. Use your host’s terminology if it is different from Cornell’s. The subject may be related to your major or minor and is usually something where you have some background.