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Cornell in Rome: Fine Arts

Application Information

Cornell University requires a disciplinary check for participation in all programs. While disciplinary history does not preclude a student's participation, disciplinary records are taken into consideration during review and must be released in order for the student to be evaluated for Cornell approval to study abroad. This check could take over one week.

By completing this section, I am indicating that I understand the following:

The standards of conduct articulated in Cornell University’s Campus Code of Conduct (Code) reflect the principles of the entire Cornell community. This Code relies on Cornell University Policy 6.4, Prohibited Discrimination, Protected-Status Harassment, Sexual Harassment, and Sexual Assault and Violence.

  1. I hereby give my permission to the Office of Global Learning to communicate with the judicial administration office and check my conduct record in order to verify my eligibility to participate in this off-campus experience that is supervised, directed, facilitated or supported by Cornell University. I realize that my record may be checked at the time of application and again prior to departure.
  2. Furthermore, I authorize the Office of Judicial Administration to release records related to disciplinary matters against me if requested by the program and to discuss information regarding these records with administrators or leaders of the program.
  3. I understand that Cornell University takes the code of conduct seriously and that violations that are active may necessitate a behavioral contract to be put in place or prohibit me outright from participating on this program.
  4. I understand that a pending conduct charge against me may cause a deferred decision on my eligibility and/or the revocation of a prior approval to participate in this program.
  5. This release shall remain in effect until the end of this program or until it is revoked in writing.

  • By checking here, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the terms defined above