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ILR WI Research Fellows: Climate Jobs Program, Labor Leading on Climate

Application Information

Students are welcome to apply for more than one research opportunity! If you have applied for more than one opportunity, please indicate how this particular experience ranks according to your order of preference by selecting the appropriate rank (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.). Select N/A if you are only applying to one opportunity. Each of the current research experiences is listed below for your reference.

  1. ILR Labor Action Tracker
  2. Racialized Labor Markets, the Work-Citizenship Nexus, and Platform Work: Comparing Job Quality and Worker Organizing in the United States and South Africa
  3. The Boundary of Paid Care Work: Consumer-Directed Personal Assistance Program
  4. Research into low-wage and precarious work in New York State
  5. Research into Models and Campaigns to Raise Standards for Precarious Workers
  6. Research Assistant in State Sexual Harassment Litigation
  7. The Use of LLMs in Labor Union Contracts
  8. Non-Board Organizing Study
  9. Southern Black Workers Organizing Study
  10. A Living Wage for Tompkins County
  11. African Futures Project
  12. Worker Institute Public Engagement and Communications

  • If applying to more than one research opportunity, please rank this opportunity to indicate your order of preference.: Select N/A if only applying to one research opportunity.

  • Are you applying for other opportunities?: Please list any other opportunities to which you are applying.