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Cornell Summer Program in Zambia – History and Politics of Southern Africa

Application Information

  • What is your intended major?

  • Do you have a second major or minor?

  • What is your second major or minor?

  • Are you Pre-Med, Pre-Vet, or Pre-Law?

  • Please list the most relevant language you have experience with (if any) that relates to this program's location and native spoken language(s).: For example: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Mandarin. If you do not have language experience relevant to this program, please type "None".

  • Please rate your language proficiency for the language you listed above.

  • Please list the course name(s) of any courses you have taken that relate to this program's location and/or academic focus.: DO NOT EXCEED 250 CHARACTER LIMIT. If you did not take any courses that relate to this program, please type "none" or "n/a".